The best tech summer camps in the bay. Since 2011 my own son has attended Techsplosion’s programs. Every session of every summer, the curriculum has inspired him to continue developing his passions for robotics, video game design, and coding. The programs are adapted to the ability level of every camper, so even as a veteran, Elliott is constantly presented with new and exciting challenges.

— Robert Hohman | Chairman and Founder of GlassDoor.com

Techsplosion is consistently our son’s #1 choice for programs. He has participated in several of their events and programs, and they stand out over other options in many ways. The program design, content and execution has ignited our son’s imagination and introduced him to activities and science that included robotics, video game design and one of his favorites, launching a camera and GPS into sub-orbit using a weather balloon. We always look at Techsplosion’s programs first and highly recommend them to all of our friends.

— John Younger | Founder of HireMojo and Accolo, Inc.

My son was constantly thrilled and learning throughout this class. That’s a combination which is hard to find in an afterschool class! Our experience is that he’s quite tired after a long day of classroom and school work, and watching his energy increase at the LEGO class was fabulous. He felt very connected to his instructor, and we are impressed with the skill and excitement, and encouragement that Greg showed with each of the kids. The program took Gabriel’s passion for LEGO to another level with the world of programming! This was a great experience and we feel lucky to have found Techsplosion!

— Kari F. | Parent

I am twelve, and I have been doing Techsplosion for 3 years now, and there is still never a dull moment. You learn an amazing amount of things, while still having a great time. One of the many things I like is that the campers get to decide on what activities and things to do based on their interest. They also do an excellent job of reaching out to all skill levels.

— Elliott H. | Veteran Camper

I really liked that we all played on a server and could talk to each other at the same time since we were all in one room. During the break we got to run around and play tag. I enjoyed getting some excise after being at the computer for a while. The camp let us build things together for example the step by step robot.  I also had a splendid time excavating and mining for materials  for us to share in the big house we made. I loved and enjoyed this camp and it was a very creative week.

— Nadine R. | CraftCamp and Robotic Adventures Camper

This camp has been the best I’ve ever been to. All the different times and experiences I’ve had at Techsplosion have been the greatest times of my summer. With the video games you can play and the animation you will be guaranteed to have a good time. I highly suggest that you go try out Techsplosion and have the best time there. And hope that you’ll go to it again the next summer

— Eric B. | Veteran Camper

Techsplosion was an awesome experience. I was enrolled in the Lego Robot summer camp. We built robots, traded stories, and partook in fun challenges like drag racing and battle bots. I had a great time, and I soon bought a LEGO robot, just like the ones we used. He is in my room, guarding, alerting me when anything gets too close. I wouldn’t have known how to build the robot without Techplosion. Now thanks to the camp, I build robots like a maniac. May the Force be with you!

— Ben F. | Robotic Adventures Camper

You have a great program — particularly because it engages the kids who struggle with the amount of sitting & listening required in the “regular” curriculum at our schools.  I think it’s awesome that your goal is to spread it as far as possible — there is certainly no shortage of kids who’d benefit.

— Kristen Z. | PTA Member