Our Company

Since 2010, Techsplosion has offered our technology-themed summer camps, afterschool classes, birthday parties, and workshops at hundreds of bay area locations to thousands of excited participants.

Why choose Techsplosion?

  • Consistent quality. We’ve got years and thousands of campers behind us and we’re not a franchise organization.
  • Programs kids LOVE! Minecraft, YouTube Channel Creation, Animation, and more!
  • No forced laptop sharing. We bring enough equipment that working together is an enthusiastic choice, not a requirement.
  • Beyond “learn by doing.” Our campers don’t just copy code from a tutorial. They learn by exploring and experimenting.
  • Formats that fit your needs. Full-day and half-day camps, afterschool classes, parties, and library programs ensure that we can squeeze into your packed schedule.
  • Constantly upgrading. We take action on feedback from all sources, and we never stop making every one of our excellent programs even better!
  • Extremely selective staffing. Because our instructor jobs are so attractive, we hire only the top 5% of those who apply.

Our Instructors:

Techsplosion instructors are selected based on their passion for STEM education and their skill sets in the technical, educational, and developmental realms. They create incredible experiences that kids look back on years later. We take exceptional care of our staff by providing them with extensive training, thorough yet flexible curricula, regular feedback, and some of the highest compensation in the industry.